Fallback (The Dead Survive #2)

Fallback (The Dead Survive #2) By Lori Whitwam
Read by Sara Schoen
Star rating: 4 stars
**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**
I personally really enjoyed this book, but that’s because I like apocalyptic themed books so I already had an interest in the work. I grew to love Ellen as a character, unfortunately I still didn’t grow to know the other characters, mostly the love interest, as I would have liked to, but I’m hoping that means there’s another book and I can get to know him better. The fight scenes were on par, there wasn’t too much gore (which pleases me as I just find it disgusting and distracting from the overall work) and the whole thing to me was believable. SPOILERS: the only thing I’m curious about is what happened to the marauders after they killed the informant? I know we can’t know about the other teams but was another team trapped by where they sent the marauders? Or did Marcus know where the other teams were going as well? All in all I enjoyed it and I hope for another book. I guess we just wait and see because there’s going to be a third book, which I’m thrilled about because I still have a lot of questions left over that I hope are answered in the next book.

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The Dead Survive (The Dead Survive #1)


The Dead Survive
Author: Lori Whitwam
Limitless Publishing LLC
Release Date: December 19th 2014
It should be easy to tell who the monsters are in the middle of a global zombie pandemic…
The blank-eyed swarms of animated corpses who want to gnaw on your flesh. Well those are the obvious choice, of course.
In reality, though, it’s not always that simple.
In the early days of the global zombie pandemic, Ellen Hale learned a brutal lesson. While trying to survive the hordes of zombies, Ellen was abducted by a band of marauders and subjected to abuse almost beyond her ability to endure.
She is broken both mentally, and physically, and fears she is on the verge of becoming a monster herself…
Until she is rescued by a growing band of survivors and given a second chance.
Ellen is taken to “The Compound”. Where she meets ex-convict, Quinn.
He’s everything she’d ever been taught to fear, but his presence is the only thing that makes her feel safe.
Will she be able to look past his rough exterior and learn to trust him? Or will the memory of the men who subjected her to such sadistic horrors ruin her chance at a new life?

Read by: Taylor Henderson (Guest Reviewer)

Stars given: 4/5


I was gifted a copy of the book for an honest review. So with that being said, I’ll start by saying that I enjoyed this book. It kept me reading for sure, and I finished in just a few short hours. When I started the book I wasn’t aware that it was a novella, so I was disappointed with the lack of characterization, storytelling, and zombies. I figured there would be more action involved, and more dialogue, but the story is mainly told from the main character, Ellen’s thought processes. I felt like I didn’t really get a chance to grow a connection to any of the characters, which made me not really care what happened to them which isn’t good for a story of this nature. Lori has an interesting writing style that I liked, but sometimes I wished she would go more into depth in certain scenes. Overall I’d give the book 3/5 stars, but I was also very impressed by the lack of editorial errors so I gave it a 4/5 overall. I’m hoping that when I read the next story I will establish a better connection between the characters since it is a full novel. I feel like this story didn’t reach its full potential since it was meant as a novella.

Darkness Lurks (Darkness book #1)

Darkness Lurks by J.L Drake
Rating: 4.5 stars
Read by Sara
Let me start by saying I really enjoyed this book. At first I was a little skeptical with only seven chapters, and how well I could get to know the characters, the plot, etc. Being an author myself I know that it takes time, and I wasn’t sure it could be done in seven chapters, but J.L did something I haven’t experienced in many books. She let me connect with the characters to people I knew, and that gave the book a special connection for me. There’s a lot of banter, and some clear sexual tension between the characters which makes it a fun read. I’m pretty young, and don’t know the police department stuff or if that’s what really happens, but in general it was very exciting and I enjoyed reading it. I kept pick up my phone so that I could read the next chapter, and my phone was dying often from it at work.  I enjoyed the different points of view to allow for an all over understanding, and the characters I found entertaining. The only thing I didn’t like was that there were too many men, in my opinion who were infatuated with the main character. I realize she’s very pretty, but adding in a guy from  a beach day, okay, someone from school,  fine, two boyfriend type deal with the cops, great, but adding in a farm hand who takes a day trip just to see her and then hangs out with her and drives her anywhere she needs to go? There’s too many guys and I’m not sure what it did for the story unless it’s shown in the later series. She’s too trusting through this experience, which almost gets her caught a few times. Just remember: a little caution goes a long way readers. Be aware of what’s going on around you.
Synopsis: Emily McPhee has struggled to overcome her father’s death…
It’s not easy, but Emily finally has the life she wants. She’s an A student at Orange University and has a comfortable home and a great circle of friends. She’s also in love with handsome Orange PD officer Seth Connors. He doesn’t seem to return her feelings, though, so she tells herself his friendship is enough.
Jimmy Lasko is a psychopath, and Emily is his greatest obsession…
Lasko knows what he wants—what he deserves—and has the deadly skills and unending patience to get it. What he wants is Emily, and he is watching and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. That time is coming soon; he’ll make sure of it.
A sense of unease settles on Emily, but is the danger real or imagined?
When Emily begins hearing noises and suspects someone has been in her house, Seth urges her to get a roommate. But after a search, she realizes a certain attractive cop would be the perfect choice, and Seth moves in.
Seth loves Emily, but fears his feelings might make it difficult to protect her.
In all areas of his life, Seth sees himself as a protector. He’s determined to keep Emily safe, but he pushes the captivating blonde away in an attempt to stay objective. However, after her stalker makes a failed attempt to capture her, Seth can no longer deny his feelings.
With help from Seth’s police colleagues, he and Emily set out to identify the person hunting her before it’s too late. But is it worth the risk to bait the trap with what he wants most?



Rarity by D.A Roach
Read by Sara and Taylor
Rating: 2.5 stars
*I was given a copy of this book for an honest review*
This book is a whirlwind read, and while it kept one of us up at night reading (for the drama aspects of it), the other not so much. It was too fast, and because of that, we had trouble connecting with the characters, who were our age about two years ago. We should have been able to connect with them! Because the book was so short, (19 chapters) it was sped up, drastically and for both of us just went too quickly. There wasn’t enough time between the drama aspects, which gave us a headache trying to keep up. It felt like two months instead of a year, but one believes that it was to add understanding to the character. It was similar to experiencing her feelings, all at once, as she does with others, since she’s an empath. There was a lot of back and forth, drama, accidents that I never want to experience, and I don’t see why they happened because the story could have continued at a more steady pace without the back to back drama (between pulling away, a car accident, a dog attack, hospital visits, off again on again relationship… need I continue?). The ending was exactly what we needed, even though it was VERY FAR into the future and an unexpected leap forward, we were very pleased with how it ended and thrilled that it gave light to VEBS, but for us, as there was too much going on in a relatively short amount of time, or seeming because of the spacing that it seemed unrealistic. The message is a good one, but there’s a whiplash feeling from trying to uncover it and then follow the story.

Finding Flynn

Finding Flynn by Alexandria Bishop  
Read by Sara
Rating 3.5 stars
*I was given a boy for this book for an honest review*
I was wrapped up in the book, I liked the music aspect, the love between the characters, and the quick romance, although at times it was a little too fast to be believable (at least to me). The mystery of Flynn’s character held intrigue and while he didn’t become a new book boyfriend, as the main character was discussing he made for a wonderful character. The book had an interesting start, and a lot of possibility, though I feel like it feel as though it fell short a few times. Sometimes it was really hard to tell who was talking, especially during critical scenes or scenes with a lot of people in them. there just wasn’t enough dialogue tags to tell me who was speaking, so I ended up getting lost a lot. The last few chapters felt rushed, as well as the relationship, they get drunk, get into an accident, hospital, then it’s all magically okay. We never really figure out what was going on between the Jax – Hudson love triangle, it’s never spelled out, even in the epilogue. So I’m left with a lot of wonders, and unfulfilled demands for the work.
The author has decided to include a giveaway for the tour! Wooohooo!


Kitsune by Nicolette Andrews 
Read by Sara
Rating 4 stars
*I was given a boy for this book for an honest review*
Finished this book in three days and enjoyed every second of it. While the Japanese folklore confused me with names some, it didn’t take away from the overall story. I found it as a unique outlook on an old tale, the little mermaid, and insightful to Japanese superstitions. I’m slightly upset we never learn what happens to Shin in the epilogue or further information on Tishua (I can’t spell these names sorry) who s supposedly trapped in a far off mountain that no one can get to in order to save her, and who could travel to wake her up or why she was asleep in the first place, I just hope it means there’s more to come! I’m interested on seeing how the rest of the story plays out and what Nicolette will do next.

Have you Seen This Girl? (Flocksdale Files book #1)


Have You Seen This Girl? by Carissa Lynch 
Read by Sara
Rating 4 stars
*I was given a boy for this book for an honest review*

This was a great book! I loved reading it, and while it expanded over a large number of years I think it worked out in the long run, but the ending is the only thing I’m hung up on. I’m not really sure what happened and had to read them a few times to figure it out. I would have preferred it more in the story than in an epilogue, but I’m glad for the HEA between the main characters and I can’t wait to see more. Yes, people will comment and say that it’s rough, that the author could have done better, but it will improve. I know that as an author myself, the first book always takes a beating, but this one deserves a chance. So take it from me! The author will improve as she writes more! This is a great story, and a great start! I can’t wait for more!

Direct link: http://www.amazon.com/Flocksdale-Files

House Of Lost Girls (Flocksdale Files book #2)

House of Lost Girls by Carissa Lynch 
Read by Sara
Rating 4 stars
*I was given a boy for this book for an honest review*
As I did with the first one, I enjoyed this story. It was a fast read, I didn’t want to put it down. I thought I had a few parts figured out, but it was nothing compared to the overall story. Twists and turns were unexpected, and I know a few will point out that there are unrealistic aspects (like a high schooler packing up and going to New Orleans to find her mom) but it doesn’t matter. It didn’t interrupt the flow of the story for me, so you shouldn’t have a problem. This story is worth a read and I think you’ll enjoy it 🙂

Keeping the Tarnished

Keeping the Tarnished by Bradon Nave 
Read by Sara
Rating 4.5 stars
*I was given a boy for this book for an honest review*
First just let me say that this is an absolutely amazing book! I loved the characters and the depth of them, there were layers that rarely show in “early” writing of an author, but Bradon showed them. It’s a moving story that has you feel for all the characters and their own certain tragedies especially Johnny.Keeping the Tarnished focuses on Johnny, who ran away from home when he turned 18 and is then taken in very “Blind Side” like, and work with him to put him on his feet and give him a future. While the book drew me in right from he beginning, I waited for the thriller part to show up. I enjoy thrillers and the darkness in them. The book has a great psychological aspect and is very well done, the thrilling part left a little to be desired. While some of the material was dark as anticipated, it didn’t last or resonate as a thriller to me. Which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just more of a psychological read and more touching/family orientated which I still enjoyed.

I loved the strength that Johnny’s character showed, his ability to create a small amount of happiness even through his nightmares and melding of time (and again great psychological stuff, just not a lot of thriller).

This book was a beautiful piece of work, and really inspired me to be a better person, much like the Everett’s. While the ending is open ended, I hope for the best for all involved, maybe we will one day figure out what happened to Johnny in one of Bradon’s later novels.

TLTR version: I definitely recommend this book. Although there’s not a thriller in the sense of suspense, action, or darkness as expected the psychological aspects were on par and impressive. It is true to the psychological aspect of the genre. It’s heartbreaking and uplifting in one book.

The Touched (The Descendants book #1)

The Touched by Jennifer Weiser
Read by Sara
Rating 5 stars
*I was given a boy for this book for an honest review*
I absolutely loved this book. I normally don’t go for fantasy books, but I loved every second of this. There was a little too much back and forth with Arabella coming to terms with her feelings for Carter, even after he let her feel what he felt, and normally that’s where I give the book four stars. This book, while it bothered me was still amazing, I loved the powers, the storyline, the plot and literally spent a straight week reading this at every chance I had. The romance had me awe-struck, the friendships were amazingly well done, and I wanted to know more and more. I had a test to study for and refused to put this down! There was mystery, and intrigue. There were a lot of different POV changes, but it added something in this case instead of making the story drag. She has done an amazing job with this book. I needed to know what happened, I can’t wait for the 2nd book in the series.