Fallback (The Dead Survive #2)

Fallback (The Dead Survive #2) By Lori Whitwam
Read by Sara Schoen
Star rating: 4 stars
**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**
I personally really enjoyed this book, but that’s because I like apocalyptic themed books so I already had an interest in the work. I grew to love Ellen as a character, unfortunately I still didn’t grow to know the other characters, mostly the love interest, as I would have liked to, but I’m hoping that means there’s another book and I can get to know him better. The fight scenes were on par, there wasn’t too much gore (which pleases me as I just find it disgusting and distracting from the overall work) and the whole thing to me was believable. SPOILERS: the only thing I’m curious about is what happened to the marauders after they killed the informant? I know we can’t know about the other teams but was another team trapped by where they sent the marauders? Or did Marcus know where the other teams were going as well? All in all I enjoyed it and I hope for another book. I guess we just wait and see because there’s going to be a third book, which I’m thrilled about because I still have a lot of questions left over that I hope are answered in the next book.

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