Have you Seen This Girl? (Flocksdale Files book #1)


Have You Seen This Girl? by Carissa Lynch 
Read by Sara
Rating 4 stars
*I was given a boy for this book for an honest review*

This was a great book! I loved reading it, and while it expanded over a large number of years I think it worked out in the long run, but the ending is the only thing I’m hung up on. I’m not really sure what happened and had to read them a few times to figure it out. I would have preferred it more in the story than in an epilogue, but I’m glad for the HEA between the main characters and I can’t wait to see more. Yes, people will comment and say that it’s rough, that the author could have done better, but it will improve. I know that as an author myself, the first book always takes a beating, but this one deserves a chance. So take it from me! The author will improve as she writes more! This is a great story, and a great start! I can’t wait for more!

Direct link: http://www.amazon.com/Flocksdale-Files


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