Rarity by D.A Roach
Read by Sara and Taylor
Rating: 2.5 stars
*I was given a copy of this book for an honest review*
This book is a whirlwind read, and while it kept one of us up at night reading (for the drama aspects of it), the other not so much. It was too fast, and because of that, we had trouble connecting with the characters, who were our age about two years ago. We should have been able to connect with them! Because the book was so short, (19 chapters) it was sped up, drastically and for both of us just went too quickly. There wasn’t enough time between the drama aspects, which gave us a headache trying to keep up. It felt like two months instead of a year, but one believes that it was to add understanding to the character. It was similar to experiencing her feelings, all at once, as she does with others, since she’s an empath. There was a lot of back and forth, drama, accidents that I never want to experience, and I don’t see why they happened because the story could have continued at a more steady pace without the back to back drama (between pulling away, a car accident, a dog attack, hospital visits, off again on again relationship… need I continue?). The ending was exactly what we needed, even though it was VERY FAR into the future and an unexpected leap forward, we were very pleased with how it ended and thrilled that it gave light to VEBS, but for us, as there was too much going on in a relatively short amount of time, or seeming because of the spacing that it seemed unrealistic. The message is a good one, but there’s a whiplash feeling from trying to uncover it and then follow the story.

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