Into the Fire (book 1)

Into The Fire 1500x2400
Into the Fire by Kelly Hashway
Read by Sara
Rating 5/5 stars
*I was given a boy for this book for an honest review*
This book had everything I could have ever hoped for with the beautiful cover and amazing story within. I couldn’t even fathom putting the book down for a second, and when I did I was thinking about the characters. Cara and Logan will be my new favorite book couple! I was thinking about them when I wasn’t reading the book, and just waiting for the time I could open the book again! It was just that good.
I normally don’t like books with multiple points of view, but this book did it perfectly. It was the perfect mix of everything and the idea is so unique that I fell in love with it! It took me a few chapters to get into, but once I understood the phoenix life style I was fully dedicated to this novel. Hashway did a fabulous job of creating lovable characters and evoking emotion in her readers, especially with the final page of this book. #heartbreaking She really captured the young adult voice well, and made her characters relatable. I wish the second novel was out already, as I am dying to read the rest of the trilogy.

The only thing that bothered me was that I figured out who the hunter was too soon. If it had been someone else I would have loved the surprise of it not being who I thought. It was just too obvious who it was to me, maybe because I used to read a lot of mysteries so I could pick up on it easily. 

This novel has been moved to one of the top three novels I have read so far this year. Praise to Kelly Hashway for throwing a bit of her soul into this novel and leaving me with a serious book hangover. I am so grateful that I got to read and review it.

Sharpie Mug

So I saw something awesome on Pinterest and wanted to make my own mug for a friend of mine. Here’s what I did:

1 porcline mug from target: around $4 Note: The more expensive the mug, the better the glaze… This is not what you want! You want the Glaze to meld with the marker during the baking process so cheaper mugs will be better. I.E Walmart, Target, or the Dollar Store.

2 Sharpie markers (they came in a two pack): $3

I used a black sharpie, if you use colors be aware that some Sharpie colors will fade when you put it in the oven.

  1. Clean the mug. I ran a paper towel over it to get rid of any oil on it from my touching it while carrying it around the store or other people who had picked it up because if there’s oil between the marker and the mug it won’t stay! Then be careful to not touch the surface you’re going to draw on. You can use gloves if you think that would help, I didn’t.
  2. Take your time if you’re doing words of any kind. Most mugs have a curved surface, take your time and make guidelines if you think that would help prevent wording from becoming distorted or not straight. If you mess up, use rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip to “erase” the mistake. Just be careful not to let the alcohol drip into the rest of the design or you’ll have a lot to redo.
  3. Once you’re done. Wait 24 hours for the marker to fully dry. I did this and after reading a few other posts, some people agree that they had better luck after doing this.
  4. Now it’s time to bake! Place your mug in the oven then set your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Again, after reading a lot of posts on how to do these mugs a lot of people couldn’t get the marker to stay on at a lower temperature. So set it to 425 and then let it heat up with the oven and cool down with the oven to prevent cracking.
  5. When your oven reaches 425, start the timer for 30 minutes so it can bake. Don’t leave it alone though! Check on your mug at least one, just like you don’t want cookies to be too baked, you don’t want to bake your mug into a different color. I’ve heard some horror stories on that. Just check on it at the 15 minute mark and make sure it’s all going well.
  6. Once your timer goes off, shut the oven off, but DO NOT REMOVE YOUR MUG. If you remove your mug right away, you could crack your mug and there goes your hard work. Think of it as your mother warning you not to run water over a hot pan. BAD IDEA.
  7. When the oven has cooled completely you can remove your mug. I tested it by running a wet sponge over it. The words stayed fairly well, only coming off in a few spots. So I dried it and filled in those spots again and repeated steps 4-6 again. When it came back out the image stayed so I tested it in the dishwasher. It survived!  Now I have a sharpie mug to give an Engineering friend of mine. Hope he sees the humor in it!