Russian Tattoos (book 1)

4/5 stars
No spoilers
*given an ARC for an honest review*

Kat Shehata is a new author to me, and while I love mafia stories, I wasn’t sure quiet what I was getting into. It took me a little while to get into it, because it didn’t start how I expected it. So I had to read about Carter and his family troubles, which isn’t how I’m used to mafia books starting out, but once I was a few chapters in the book captivated me. The mafia parts that I love from other books surfaced in this book and kept me hook. I was starting to question everything and everyone in the book, there was a great story about the characters and it added a depth. It’s a very pleasing start to a series, and now I know a few Russian words. Will I ever use them? I have no idea but now I can say I know them. The only down side is that there was a little mystery in the book, but I figured it out a little too fast and I wasn’t supposed to. It happens to me a lot with books after reading too mysteries growing up. Don’t let it take away. It didn’t for me. I can’t wait for the rest of the series. I can’t wait for more.



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