Till Death Do Us Part




Read by Schoentheworld book blog
4/5 Stars
No spoilers

This book isn’t what I expected it to be, but not in a bad way. There were a few teary eyed moments, and for those who know me know I hate to give spoilers. So let me give you what I can, marine, which always get me because who doesn’t love a man in uniform, a hot cowboy from Texas (I had to ignore that some family lives in Texas) and plot twist gnat had me not only question the lies that could be told to me, hidden from me and just lurkin to come out. I rooted hard for who I believed in for the relationship, but unfortunely wasn’t successful. It had me worried for my significant other who aims to go in the military, and made me see that sometimes life had a plan of its own. Excellent read, debut is just he beginning of something great. Hopefully next time the book won’t have me questioning everyone for their honesty and lives.

I will be honest and say that the book didn’t hold a lot for me near the end. I didn’t struggle as much as some did in other reviews have stated, but the ending was just traumatizing. It’s not a spoiler, but its a sensitive topic that had to be said. I don’t do spoilers my people know this! But it it was sad and I wish I could have closed the book and pretended I got the happy ending I wanted. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good story and for a debut book the writing was immaculate and the book was throughly thought out and clearly given a lot of love and attention, which I appreciate for the sensitive topics in the book. I’m just a happy ending person in romance books, other genres I expect endings that rip my heart out. It was a surprise for the romance genre to me. The book is a good read, remember t’s okay if you are a happy ending person. I cried, mostly out of fear and respect for those I know in the military. I still REALLY hope next time the book won’t have me questioning everyone for their honesty and lives!

Amendment to previous review: I recently learned I got the timeline incorrect. There is no plot hole. I thought months had past, which means she would have realized sooner, but it was in fact only a few weeks and that’s my fault and I take blame for that. Which is why I am amending my review.


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