Out of the Ashes (book 2)

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Out of the Ashes by Kelly Hashway

5/5 stars

I have to say I love these characters, they stick with me and I finished this book in under 12 hours while I was taking classes and moving around on campus today! It was great, I was wondering about the characters while in class and hoping that they would make it through. I even read a little in class (Sorry professor!) This book gave me everything I want in a fantasy/paranormal book, with just a hint of romance that makes me beg for these characters to have a happy ending. There’s drama, love, and folklore of a mythical bird. I personally really enjoyed it, and I’m telling someone to get me a signed copy for my birthday this year! It sits with you and stands with you until the end!

There were a lot of twists and turns, some I didn’t even expect and I liked that! It was a surprise and it was fun. Sure there was some back and forth on the characters to stay together, but it wasn’t over done, which usually would kill it for me. I got the ending I wanted which makes me happy, and I got a story that made me read all day. Up until today I have never read a book in under 24 hours, and today I shattered that and read in under 12. I started around 7:24 Am and ended at 6:12 Pm. The set up for the next book tells me it’s going to be a crazy ride and I can’t wait for it! I’m hoping for a little more phoenix lore and hunter on hunter action, but we will see. Either way I’m excited and ready to start my next life (though I’m past 18) and start the next book right now… It’s like not getting my Hogwarts letter all over again!

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