Bienvenidos Argentina!

So I’m leaving for Argentina soon, and when I say soon, I mean tomorrow… Wow that came up really fast. Anyway, I’m all packed. My parents won’t be at the airport with me as they have a family wedding to get to and my sister is dropping me off, then I’ll be on my own for my first trip abroad. Exciting.

I’ll be gone for 7 weeks, travel to Buenos Aires, Misiones (Argentina), Rio (Brazil), and possibly a few other places. I’m hoping at least Paraguay in colonias, but we will see.

So for 7 weeks (in Argentina’s winter and preparing for the warm weather of Misiones and Brazil) here’s what I packed:

  • A lot of underwear (I have packing cubes and filled one with underwear. I’ll never run out of that)
  • 7 pairs of socks
  • 5 sweaters
  • One nice shirt and a cardigan to go with it
  • One jacket (medium weight)
  • One dress (I was told to bring nice clothes or I would have left it at home because I don’t wear them often)
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 2 pairs of shorts
  • My converses (I wear these everywhere) – one pair
  • One pair of boots (for when it enviably rains)
  • One pair of flats (again I was told to bring nice clothes so sneakers wouldn’t have been a good idea)
  • One pair of Flip-Flops for warm weather
  • Toiletry things
  • A kindle (I like reading on long plane rides-Charger also was packed)
  • My laptop (and charger)
  • My camera (again charger)
  • 2 towels (I was told to bring my own)
  • 5 washcloths (obviously needed since I had to bring towels)
  • Any prescriptions (though I forgot advil so that sucks) and insurance card from my school.

I packed all of this in one suitcase, a backpack and a Travelon purse that I carry with me everywhere I go. How? BUNDLE PACKING! Saved my life and space in my suitcase. 10/10 recommend if you can unpack once you get somewhere. Not recommended for backpacking though. It would be an inconvenience in every since of the word.

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