The beginning of my Argentina Adventure

I took off for Argentina last Saturday (18/6/16) leaving my friends, boyfriend, family, and life behind. Most would tell you about the tears shared with family and the well wishes prior to send off but I can’t. My family and friends didn’t share a tearful good bye. Instead they wished me well and to learn a lot, in fact they didn’t even go with me into the airport. My parents had to go to a wedding which occurred a few hours before take off a couple hours away, my sister and brother in law dropped me off and left, and I visited very few friends before leaving.

I was alone, and I wasn’t scared like I thought I would be. Though I should clarify I was worried my suitcase wouldn’t make it to Argentina with me and I’d have to pay a new wardrobe upon arrival, but it arrived!

I was alone until my layover in Peru, where I met up with the others I would be studying with while in Argentina. I found three of my soon to be best friends (living together for two months can do that to people, right?)

I quickly met up with others of my group and we spent the next few days getting acclimated. We wandered around Buenos Aires, near la Casa Rosada and the Cathedral, and then around the streets of Florida, Lavelle, and other streets in the area.

We saw some political posters in the Plaza de Mayo.


We saw the Casa Rosada (where the president works!)


I feel the need to mention we were here for Flag Day (this is a big deal for them unlike the United States!) because it’s one of their days of independence, there’s two.


We ventured into the Cathedral to see the tomb of San Martin.


We say the Plaza de Mayo, where every Thursday, the mothers of the disappeared, protest for those kids were “disappeared” between 1976 and 1983. We will be going next Thursday to see them and what happens so I’ll update for that.


We saw the obelisco de Buenos Aires.


We found the BA hedge and proceeded to take a selfie


Then wandered back to Palermo, via the Subte, and made it back to sleep for the night. All to do it again the next day.

On to the next adventure in Argentina!

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