#How far will my converses go? La Museo Benito Quinquela y La Boca

Today my group went to La Boca to see the la Museo Benito Quinquela. We saw wonderful art, the colorful houses you see when you look up Argentina on the internet, and got to go on the terrace of the museum and see the entire city from there.
I also have decided to answer the age old question of “How long will my converses last?” If you haven’t asked this it’s because you haven’t used your converses as much as I have. I wear them until I walk out of them, that includes a pair that had holes worn into the bottoms of the shoes and I still wore them after my mom bought me new ones for a christmas present (I wore them until Mother’s Day of this year when I decided I couldn’t go outside with them because the holes were too big and let rain in).
So far on this trip I’ve walked a grand total of 73,859 steps in four days… FOUR DAYS! My app (Pacer for anyone curious along with my roommates fitbit) says I’m 99.1% more active than other users…Gee I wonder why…
So I’m probably going to walk out of these converses sooner than my other pairs, seriously, one pair lasted four years. From my junior year of high school to the middle of my junior year of college. So I’ll keep you posted on that. I’m also totally going to start the hashtag of HowLongWillMyConversesLast. So join me if you so please.
Back to La Boca.
This small tourist place is not only pretty in an artsy sense, but also in it’s own unique way.
The colors are fun and lively, there are animals running around (dogs chase cats, cats outsmart them and get away).
This town is talked about, shown in photos, and mentioned more times than not when Argentina is mentioned, especially Buenos Aires. There are professional pickpockets I’m sure, and we were advised to leave the area by 6pm (sundown/night) because it can get a little sketchy…But I digress. We all managed to find something, or discover something we thought would make a great souvenir. Unfortunately, we went late in the day and most stores were closing. But we made the most of it.
Most managed to find Argentina Jerseys for pretty cheap, about 200 pesos with the lowest being 120 for two (they were large so the boys took them). I saw flag patches, you know the ones people sew into their denim jackets and stuff, which I’ll sew into my backpack to show where I’ve been. I got one today, but not from La Boca as they didn’t have any of Argentina when I was there. I got lucky and found it on Florida.
The shops are obviously the most visited place, but I think the Museo Benito Quinquela is underrated. It’s filled with beautiful art by Benito Quinquela and by other local artists. With an incredible terrace, which even if you don’t like art, but love to take pictures, you should venture to. There is a fee for the museum, so maybe that’s why people don’t visit, but I’m glad we did. I loved the paintings and the view.
And don’t get me wrong, La Boca had great art all on it’s own.
But nothing can beat the view from the top of La Museo Benito Quinquela.
P6070465.JPGScreen Shot 2016-06-23 at 6.54.05 PM.png
So I don’t know about you, but I would chose the museum again and then go to La Boca for the tourist stuff and souvenirs. Museums should never be passed up. They hold some of the greatest reminders and inspirations we can offer to others. Even those from other countries.
Onto the next adventure, wherever we go and however far my converses will go with me.

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