Cemetario Recoleta

On the list of things you must do while in Buenos Aires is the Cemetatio Recoleta. Home to over 5,000 above ground tombs and graves and filled with a history to last centuries. I highly recommend a tour but BA walking tours (look for the guys in the orange jackets) they run a tour around 3 every day but get there a little early.


Let me first say that I love cemeteries, it’s a very strange thing to say but I find them fascinating. Cemetario Recoleta only made me that much more excited to be there. The architecture of the tombs and the sheer size of them is enough to make you stop and stare. They are beautiful monuments to countless people included Eva Perón, who is buried in the Duarte family tomb.



The tour will give you the back story you won’t find anywhere else, but if you’re a tomb raider yourself and take an interest in all the small places you won’t see on a tour, don’t take one. You’ll want to go it alone and search for anything you can. Sometimes the best way to learn history is just to explore it.



All in all, a creepy but much needed visit to BAs most popular cemetery should be on your list, just don’t forget to look inside of the tombs, you never know who was buried alive or what could be waiting for you on the other side.



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