Iguana Falls – Argentina and Brazil sides

If you want to go to Argentina in the winter (aka United States’ summer) but don’t want to be cold. I suggest Iguazu, where you can see the number 2 ranked water falls in the world (a note for my American friends, Niagara Falls is number 9). Thanks to the Olympics being hosted in Rio, Brazil waived the need for a visa so by chance we were able to see both sides of the falls! The falls are the boarder between Argentina and Brazil and the experience of seeing both sides was amazing.


Brazil shows more waterfalls with a better view and a catwalk, where you will be soaked so a poncho is recommended, and Argentine side let us going on a Gran Adventura, which is being able to boat UNDER the waterfalls! It was cold but so worth it.



The Argentine  side also let us see the falls from above, whereas Brazil was from below. I’m thrilled we got to go to both sides, Brazil was my favorite side though. Can you blame me? Look at these photos!




The hotel was great too, the Saint George, I got a plate of warm cheese (called Provoletta) in a pan every night for an appetizer. Best. Thing. Ever. I ate straight cheese and LOVED it so much I did it for three days in a row.

The town is much like a beach town in used to in the states and really made me feel at home. We walked to see the sunset at the river, joined a random Zumba class, and got to enjoy some warm weather before heading back to Buenos Aires to winter.


P.S watch out for Coaties…They like bags and will steal from you.

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