Review: Raging Fire

Review of my newest release RAGING FIRE

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Raging Fire (Guarded Secrets, Book 4) by Sara Schoen

Review by Cora Kenborn

It’s hard to go into the tail end of a series and not feel like you’ve jumped into the deep end of a pool with ankle weights tied to your feet. Unless the author is a master storyteller, it’s usually impossible not to draw some of the previous storylines from earlier books into the plot. I went into this book wondering if I’d drown in acronym hell. I knew of the CIA and FBI, but CIRA was a new one, and I had no clue why the main characters all had names that sounded like Gremlins (Spit Fire, Night Stripe, Whip Lash…) However, the prologue hooked me with the cool, collected, and somewhat robotic “Spit Fire” girl, who sat in front of a handcuffed high-ranking cartel member and calmly shot him up gangster-style.

Yes, please.

I love…

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