Escape From Reality Series *Interview with characters*

“Welcome to Escape, Colorado. We hope you never leave.”

Escape From Reality series is a multi-genre/multi-author series. Each book is written by a different author, some repeat with their own mini-series within the series. All of the novellas are 99c and based in the town of Escape. That means your favorite characters come back again and again, even when the author is different. It also means there’s almost 40 books worth of this town of various genres and themes, including old Wattpad favorites. We hope you’re ready to jump in.

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Charlotte Parker: “Today we are going to ask some of the current residents what makes Escape so special. Let’s start with Gage, a local EMT and son of the current mayor, Dan Greystone.”

Gage: “Just saying I’m an EMT will suffice.”


Charlotte: “I’m sorry about that. I’ll make a note of that for you.” [scribes in notepad] “So what makes Escape special to you?”

Gage: “It’s the people really. They are why I do this job and why I love it. They come to Escape for a getaway, and I’m here to make sure it doesn’t turn into a disaster.”

Charlotte: “What makes it a potential disaster?”

Gage: “Hikers get carried away and do more than they can handle, they get lost, just about anything really.”

Charlotte: “That sounds dangerous. I heard there was a cave in recently, were you a part of the team sent to help?”

Gage: “Yes, thankfully there were no tourists. Our environmental scientist and recreational team from the Lakefront Center were running a typical cave check before taking anyone into the caves. They were uninjured and safely retrieved in under an hour.”
Charlotte: Escape has a big push for the environment. One of the slogans about the town is “excitement at its most natural” to encourage visitors and residents to keep their footprint low. Does that influence what activities people can do here?”

Gage: “You’re right. The environment is important here in Escape, people love it and come here for it, but the people are a priority. The cave in is natural, and it will influence what activates we let visitors do. There are other caves that have passed their safety check, so it’s not fully off the table. Even if it was, there are plenty of places to hike, swim, and more.”

Charlotte: “There’s rumors about you and the new drifter, Mia. I heard she was at the cave in too! Is anything happening there?”


Gage: “She was one of the people in the cave in, but she is fine and will go back to work educating at the Lakefront center in no time.”

Charlotte: “But is anything happening with her? Other residents have been saying there are some sparks between the two of you.”

Gage: [Laughs] “I’d like to believe there is, but I think the sparks are more about her hating me for some reason. You’d have to ask her, but she’s not much of a talker.” [Looks at his watch] “I actually have to get back to the station. My lunch is over, and I want to be ready in case another hiker needs some help.”

Charlotte: “We will let him get back to work because I spot a few other residents coming up.” [Waves] “Hey Ladies! How are you today?”

Skye: “I’m fine. Who are you?”

Charlotte: “I’m a reporter writing a piece on Escape in honor of the new mayor to bring people into town. I’m asking people what makes Escape so special to them.”

Peyton: “I love the wellness camp! It’s full of fun girls who are really looking to improve themselves. They have been fantastic friends and the residents of Escape have been even better. Skye and I met last year at the 4th of July festival in town, and have been best friends ever since. We even write letters to each other during the school year since I’m not from Escape.”


Charlotte: “So you come here for the summer every year for the wellness camp?”

Peyton: “Yeah, like the town says, it’s an escape. It’s the perfect place to spend a summer, I want to come every year I can.”

Charlotte: “Wow. I knew people came from all over to be in the camp, but that’s exciting. I’m glad you like it here. And what about you?”

Skye: “I’ve lived here for years. I’d rather be outside than at home any day.” [Shrugs] “It’s just like Peyton said.”

Charlotte: “So Summer is the best time to be here?”

Skye: “I like it. I get my friends back, there’s no school, and it’s warm outside so I don’t have to be inside all the time. Winters are a little cold, but there’s still a lot to do.”

Charlotte: “What’s it like going to school here for people who may move here?”

Skye: “It’s weird. You go to elementary school and then secondary school. We don’t get a lot of new people moving in, so you’re with the same people for a long time.”

Charlotte: “Is that always a bad thing?”

Skye: “No, it means I get to see my brother and you’re guaranteed at least one friend. It just means you know who to avoid as well.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 8.55.41 PM copy 3

Charlotte: “I’m sorry to hear that. School is hard enough.”

Skye: “Yeah, we’re all ready to move on from it. Escape is a great place, but small towns tends to make people who grew up here want to leave. If you’ll excuse us, we were heading to the diner for lunch.”

Charlotte: “Well, there we have it, Tom. People love it here and everyone comes back for more. I wonder if we could find that ghost hunter lady who’s supposed to be coming next year. The old sanatorium would provide some history on this little town, and some people really love a good ghost story.”

Tom: “We can pick up the piece after lunch, maybe we can get Cassie Baggans on the phone for an interview about her week-long challenge in the old building. Besides, I’m starving, so I need something before we find more people and we have a meeting with the current mayor and the replacement at two. Since they are the ones paying us, we should make sure we keep them happy.”

Charlotte: “That’s fair. I was hoping to run into Mia or another Greystone. Romance always makes people enjoy reading a piece. Escape has the scenery and people, but readers want someone to root for and I hear Mia is that person.

Tom: “Maybe after lunch. For now, cut and take a break. I hear Ellie’s diner has the best food in Colorado. Maybe we can interview Ellie and Lottie while we eat. That will be the best interview yet.”


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Sara Schoen holds a degree in Biology from James Madison University. She has been an adamant writer since she was young, and now enjoys reading, ghost hunting, and traveling. She hopes to have readers find solace in the worlds and characters the creates and in some cases, provide a cautionary tale. Sara plans to continue writing and explore various genres in the future.

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