Book Review Requests


Feel free to contact me at: with the information asked for below. Please don’t attach the book until I tell you I want to read it. If the book is something I would like to read, I will return to you.
I have a few policies if you want a review of a book or any other services. Please read through and contact me at if you want one of the services.
REVIEW POLICYWe currently accepting review requests. Please allow 2-4 weeks for reading as I am a full time student and author as well. If you need a review sooner than that or don’t want to wait, I can do express reviews (scroll for more information)

Acceptance of a “review copy” does not guarantee the review of the book, as I reserve the right to not read or review your book. I reserve the right to read your book, not like it, and post for the review our honest opinion. I appreciate your professionalism as a reader/author/publicist regarding the reviews given, I hope you will extend the same respect to my opinion and honest reviews, even if you do not agree with it. I must have the file as a mobi or PDF ONLY or you can send a paperback if you don’t have a mobi file to give me. All reviews will be posted here under the book review tab, on (in the US only) and on Goodreads. If you would like the review cross-posted elsewhere, please request when you email the review request. I do not give away or sell any information you send to me. Your book and information will be in safe hands.


Sara Schoen: Horror, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Action, Dystoian, YA Paranormal/Fantasy, YA/NA, Romance, and some fantasy.

If you are unsure if your book fits a genre email me with a synopsis and ask.REVIEW BOOK FORMATS ACCEPTED

  • E-books [.mobi/Kindle and PDF only]
  • paperbacks


Reviews will be posted at my convenience unless otherwise requested (and confirmed by me).

Please note: I will send an email regarding the scheduled post date after I have read the book/set up the post and a link to the post once it has been published.

Email us directly at with the information below.

•    Your Name (the author or publisher) and Book Title
•    Format You’ll Send It As (don’t send it yet)
•    Publish Date (if it’s before publication)
•    Series (if its apart of one)
•    Series Number (book 1 or book 5)
•    Genre
•    Book Description


If you can’t wait the 2-3 weeks for a review, based on how many books are ahead of yours, and you need it right now. I can do express reviews. You’ll get your book read in front of everyone else in line currently and have it read in 1-2 weeks with the reviews cross posted in respective places. Express reviews will cost $10 dollars, this moves you to the top of the list, and gets your review when you need it. Otherwise, you’re waiting for at times months before I get to it.

I still hold the right to an honest review. Paying for this doesn’t guarantee you a good review. It will be my honest opinion for better or worse.


I can do spotlight posts, or author interviews, just let me know.

Thank you!